OFK Titograd



FC Titograd Presents New Emblem


Ana Pajovic sent in the winning design.
We are very pleased to inform all of our supporters that FC Titograd has adopted a new emblem. The winning design has been sent in by Ana Pajovic, receiving a 500 euros award.
The decision has been made by the Board of Directors, in collaboration with the FC Titograd PR team, the criteria being:

  • fresh approach and presentation
  • choice and combination of colours
  • originality

The second place and a 250 euros award was won by the Grafomateks enterprise, while the third place and 150 euros was received by David Ralevic.
We would like to use this opportunity to thank all of the friends of the club who have taken part in the competition and invested their time and competence to make the Titograd brand recognisable in Montenegro and beyond.