OFK Titograd



Ojdanić on the Sutjeska match: We’ve still got a lot to prove!


FC Titograd players are welcoming the current champion, the Sutjeska team, as a part of the Telekom 1.CFL 6th round. The game will start at 5pm and will be broadcasted by Arena sport.
FC Titograd has won and played a tie 4 times in the last 5 rounds, currently holding the top position at the board. One of the most important factors has been Branko Ojdanić, who has played every minute of every match since the beginning of the championship. Paired with Balša Banović, Ojdanić has been a pillar of the defence that has not blocked only one goal over the last 5 matches.
Ojdanić says that the spirits are high in the team, but also that he has high respect for the opposing players.
“I expect it to be a very difficult game. I hope that this match, just like the last one, will demonstrate who we are and what we’re made of. Additionally, I’m sure that these 5 rounds have not truly reflected our full potential, and I know that we have a lot more to show. We are aware of who’s coming, that it’s the current state champion, who we have nothing but respect for. We are also aware of our qualities and will do everything in our power to continue this excellent streak”, Ojdanić states.
“We are preparing for Sunday. The coach is briefing us on their advantages and disadvantages, and I really do believe that we are ready for this game”, he adds in conclusion.