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Pamić on the Sutjeska match: Victory would be a strong wind in our sails


FC Titograd players are welcoming the current champion, the Sutjeska team, as a part of the Telekom 1.CFL 6th round. There’s a great atmosphere in this leader’s crew, as may be expected – the “red team” has won and played a tie 4 times in the last 5 rounds, sending a clear message that they are more than prepared to fight for the first place.
The head of the FC Titograd expert team, Igor Pamić, has spoken of the opponent with great respect at the press conference.
“In the end, they are still the champions. We also accept the fact that they are the favourites. According to the prognosis at the beginning of the championship, Sutjeska and Budućnost were the main candidates for the trophy, and that cannot be changed by the first 5 or 6 rounds only. They have certainly mastered these kinds of matches”, he stated.
He added that he has been convincing his team that they are ready to win this match this entire week.
“I have been convincing them that their success so far has not been a coincidence. I have been telling them that FC Titograd resembles a team now, a team that has results. For this reason exactly, I see no reason for my boys not to enter this match relaxed, with no pressure, even at the cost of losing. Nothing would change, and as for a victory – it would certainly be a strong wind in our sails”, he says.
He reiterated that the club has 3 goals now: avoid a fight for survival, qualify for Europe and win a trophy.
“We have not yet achieved the first one. If we fail to earn points, we will certainly drop from further competition, so we need to continue the fight in order to sustain this rise. The match against the current champion will open a lot of cards, both regarding my team and the rest of the championship. We are going against a very serious team, who know what they want, try to impose their rhythm, include all the players in their defence… I really couldn’t say why they have such poor results in this particular moment.”
Pamić also said that there are some issues regarding the players.
“We may be completely ready, but we may lose three players”, he explained.
He also spoke of the new reinforcement, Branislav Janković.
“I don’t know him, but if he is a good player, it won’t take long to get to know him. From what I’ve briefly seen, I believe that he is a player who could offer a lot to this team – we will see when and how”, he added.
The match against Sutjeska will be broadcasted by Arena sport.