OFK Titograd



Match between the leader and the official champion


In the world of football, things change in a very short while – this summer, FC Titograd has proved to be a great disappointment, while Sutjeska has been adding new pages of the Montenegrin football by seizing every opportunity to glow and succeed, Pobjeda writes.
As the summer’s coming to an end, things have once again changed: FC Titograd is the leader, the only undefeated team, while troubled Sutjeska, defeated by Iskra in their own court, has cannot allow any more defeats.
“When I came here, even the walls were crying. As it happens, the players reacted well to my presence, we have also had a little bit of luck, so we did manage to collect 13 points. If anyone had suggested that only a little while ago, I would have said – no way! However, don’t be surprised should be prove ourselves to be able to collect all 15 points by the end of the fifth round”, Igor Pamić, the coach, says.
The Romanticists have demonstrated the ability to achieve great success, and if they persevere during the following matches, it is clear that they could enter the 15 day break with “a stack” – and also with the champions’ ambitions!
“The match with the current champion will bring new light to the current state of the league, both regarding my team and the rest of the championship”, Pamić tells us.
Is there a better motive for the champion than to cross swords with the only currently undefeated team – this is exactly what’s in line for Nikola Rakojević’s players. They are aware when and where they might have and should have taken more points, but… Championship is a whole other matter.
The “blue-and-whites” currently hold 8 points and haven’t been particularly lucky as of late, and are very eager to meet with the team that has been at the top of the board.
“Our ambitions this season are clear, we consider each game to be crucial, so why not have the same attitude towards the Titograd team? We are motivated, very aware what these 3 points would mean to us and we want them. This team has had a bad start in this championship, we have been punished against Iskra, but in the Cup, against Crvena stijena, even though we are not at the same level, we have shown a little more maturity in the offence, and that’s why we celebrated so profoundly. FC Titograd will be a new, important challenge for Sutjeska today”, goalkeeper of the Nikšić team comments today’s game.