OFK Titograd



Pamić comments the tied game with Sutjeska: We were lucky to grab a point


There were no scores today in the FC TitogradSutjeska match, resulting in a tied game. Our guest had more chances, but hasn’t used them, so our (weakened) team remains undefeated.
Head of the expert staff, Igor Pamić, was not satisfied with what the team presented in the court, but is also reminded that as many as five players of the first team have not been able to play.
“My team was terrible and disappointing in the field today, all through the first half. No blood, no soul. I knew that we couldn’t play respectable football without five of the key players. I knew we would have to fight. We were truly bad during the first half, but we did make a tactical return during the second, and we also had a few fine opportunities. However, the last pass was not any better. In the first half we were lucky, the second got us that point – as far as whether we deserved it, I’ll let the public speak for themselves. In any case, I know that my team can, must be and show much better, much more than that.”