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Ljuljanović's take on the national team: We're expecting a difficult match with Romania


Players of the Montenegrin national team are leaving today for Ploiesti, where they will be crossing swords with the Romanian national team, as part of the new UEFA’s championship, the Nations’ Cup.
Damir Ljuljanović, the goalkeeper of FC Titograd, has found his place among the best players of Montenegro. Having shown great form at the beginning of the season, he received an invitation from the selector, Ljubiša Tumbaković, to join the national team.
Ljuljanović stresses that it is a great honour to find oneself among the greatest players of Montenegro.
“Of course it is a great honour to train with some of the best players in the country. We’re getting ready for the game tomorrow, and the entire team is in great spirits, looking forward to the Nations’ Cup, which we have high hopes for. We are travelling to Romania today, where we’ll be going against their national team tomorrow evening. We are expecting a very difficult game, but we know that we have quality, we believe in ourselves and wish to achieve a memorable success”, Ljuljanović states.