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Ljuljanović on the upcoming match with Lithuania: Our guests will have a difficult task


Montenegro national team are welcoming Lithuania this evening, as part of the 2nd round of the UEFA Nations League. A tied game was played with Romania in the first round, in a match that took place in Ploiesti. They are favourites in the upcoming game that will begin at 8.45pm, when they’ll be seeking victory and additional three points in the new championship of the European Football Federation.
The Montenegrin team was recently joined by the Titograd goalkeeper, Damir Ljuljanović.
Ljuljanović points up that Lithuania has a very good team, but that Montenegrin team is the favourite.
“Our guests are a serious team, but we are definitely a better one, with more quality, and we need to justify this role out on the court. We will, naturally, play to win, for it would mean a lot for the rest of the championship, which will be taking place in October. We believe in our team and are confident that Lithuania will be facing a difficult task. We are playing at home, in front of our fans, and they will certainly be our 13th player this evening, we will truly need their support”, Ljuljanović states in conclusion.