OFK Titograd



Novović in the wake of the Mornar match: Justifying the role of the favourite


FC Titograd players have returned to their club duties after the break. They are headed for a match with Mornar on Saturday, in the Telekom 1.CFL 7th round. We are at the top of the board of the National League, the only undefeated team, so our seniors will be facing the task of rising up to the expectations.
Titograd’s left back player, Ivan Novović, expects the Mornar match to be very demanding.
“We are heading for a difficult game. We will be playing at Tuzi and are not expecting perfect circumstances, but it is what it is – we are ready. The Mornar team has a new coach, which will be a huge psychological boost for the team, but will also almost certainly change their game. However, that is merely an additional motivation for us to enter the match with more spirit, in order to continue with the good results we have achieved. We will give our best to achieve a positive outcome. We are the favourites and we will try to justify this title”, Novović states for our site.