OFK Titograd



Igor Pamić in the wake of the match with Mornar: Disciplined, responsible and specific


FC Titograd players will be guests of the Mornar team tomorrow, as part of the Telekom 1.CFL 7th round. Our seniors currently hold the number 1 position, 3 points ahead of Budućnost, but are also the only undefeated team of the First League of Montenegro. Also, Titograd received only one goal in 6 matches, hence establishing themselves as the leader of the national championship.
The opposing team, Mornar, holds the last position at the board, with 12 received goals and 4 hits, and have played without victories.
Coach of FC Titograd, Igor Pamić, considers the Bar team to be much better than the board suggests.
“Of course, we are the favourites, and, as always, we accept this role. Still, there can be no relaxation. Mornar can and will pose a threat and we cannot provide them with such an opportunity. We are, nevertheless, a team that offers more quality, and we won’t be running away from the high expectations. We will try to take initiative and allow little space for action to the opposing team, in order to settle this match to our advantage”, Igor Pamić states in the wake of the game.
The match will take place at 3.30pm at Tuzi.