OFK Titograd





The footballers of the OFK Titograd and Grbalj played a tie match today at the stadium in Stari aerodrome, in the 32nd round of Telekom 1. CFL league with the score 2:2.

The scorers for the OFK Titograd were Marko Miličković in 78′ and Vojin Pavlović in 89′.

The goals for the visiting team were scored by Dejan Kotorac in 28′ and Ivan Mijušković in 32′.

The coach of the guest team, Zvezdan Milosevic, congratulated the players for a great game.

“We were better in the first half, and they were in the second. We haven’t managed to make it to the end. Once again, the result of 0:2 proved to be the most dangerous.” Milosevic said after the match.

The head of the OFK Titograd, Peter Pakult, said that the first half didn’t seem right.

“We were not aggressive, we gave the rival a lot of space, and we received the first goal. We failed to control the game during that time, and Grbalj took advantage of it and with the counter- attack scored a second goal. In the second half, we managed to calm down the situation, we established the system, and it became obvious that we would play better. We started pushing, attacking, and in the end, we pulled out a draw. I have to say, we’re content with a point. I’d like to congratulate the rival; it was a great game. “Pakult said after the match.


The first shot of the match was sent by the former player of OFK Titograd, Ivan Mijušković. He kicked hard, but imprecise in the 6th minute of the match, high over the goal of the goalkeeper, Ljuljanovic. In the 14th minute, Jovan Nikolic interrupted the great action of “Grbalj”, gave a good pass on his right wing to Mendi, who found his attacker, Marko Pavicevic, at 10 meters away, but it was a bad shot.

In the 28th minute the first goal was scored. After the corner kick of OFK Titograd, Petar Vukcevic withdrew, played well with Milos Dzugurdic, and he found Dejan Kotorac. He placed the ball in the left corner of the goal, and it was 0-1 for the guests.

Three minutes later, OFK Titograd tried to score through Vojin Pavlović, whose shot ended high above the goal.

The second goal for the guests was scored in a 32nd minute. Vukcevic and Vukovic played a great double pass; Vukovic found Mijuskovic at 16 meters, and with a strong and precise shot, he placed the ball to the left corner.

By the end of halftime, OFK Titograd organized a good action. Roganovic went through to the right side, found Novovic, but his shot was blocked.


In the second half, OFK Titograd first threatened. In 48th minute, Mamadou Mandy went through the right side and shot hard, but slightly above the cross bar.

In 59th minute, Roganovic played with Bakrac on the right side; he centered well and on the second goalpost, he found Milickovic, who caught a strong volley, but beside the right goalpost of goalkeeper Kordic.

The answer came from Ivana Vukovic, a minute later. He shot hard, from 27 meters, but directly in the hands of the goalkeeper Ljuljanovic, who was sure.

In 79th minute, the reservists Marko Milickovic received the ball on the left side, set it on the right leg, shot very hard and cheated goalkeeper Kordic.

At the very end of the match, in 89th minute, Mamadou Mandy centered from the right side, the ball passed by several players of Grbalj, and the midfielder of OFK Titograd, Vojin Pavlovic, with a precise shot defeated the goalkeeper of the guests.

In the first minute of the additional time, Miličković and Pavlovic played a double pass, Miličković shot, but Kordic saved the net.

32nd round,
Stadium OFK Titograda, Stari aerodrom

Scorers: Dejan Kotorac 28′(GRB), Ivan Mijušković 32′(GRB), Marko Miličković 78′(TIT), Vojin Pavlović 89′ (TIT)

Yellow cards: Aleksandar Macanović(GRB), Marko Merdović(GRB)

Referee: Miloš Savović, I assistant: Miodrag Brajović, II assistant: Veselin Đuranović, Delegate: Predrag Đukić, Controller: Amil Gerina

OFK Titograd

Coach: Peter Pakult

First team: Damir Ljuljanović, Marko Roganović, Miloš Bakrač, Balša Banović(od 78′ Miloš Brnović), Radule Živković, Vojin Pavlović, Mirko Raičević (c)(od 83′ Zaim Divanović), Jovan Nikolić, Mamadu Mendi, Ivan Novović (od 55′ Marko Miličković), Marko Pavićević.

Reaerves: Saša Ivanović, Alden Škrijelj, Branko Ojdanić, Marko Miličković, Miloš Brnović, Zaim Divanović, Balša Sekulić.


Coach: Zvezdan Milošević

First team: Marko Kordić, Ivan Mijušković, Dejan Kotorac, Aleksandar Macanović, Petar Vukčević, Predrag Kašćelan, Marko Merdović, Miloš Džugurdić(od 76′ Julian Montenegro), Predrag Jović, Marko Đukanović, Ivan Vuković (od 86′ Stefan Đorđević) .

Reserves: Nemanja Lemajić, Ivan Mićunović, Zdravko Dragićević, Stefan Đorđević, Julian Montenegro, Srđan Bošković, Miloš Perović.