OFK Titograd





OFK Titograd U-19 players won against “Jedinstvo” in the 9th play-off round with the score of 2:0

Both goals were scored by Lazar Rakočević, in 19 ‘ and in the 78’ minute of the match.

In the opening part of the game, both sides measured their strengths, and the first attempt was recorded in the 15th minute of the match, when Aldin Ćatović strongly shot but hit the outside of the net.

In the 19th minute, Lazar Rakočević received a pass 20 meters away from the goal, on the right edge of the penalty area and with a great lob he tricked the goalkeeper Igor Knežević.

By the half-time, both teams played hard but the result was 1:0.

OFK Titograd fully dominated in the second half. In 57th minute, Slobodan Perišić hit the crossbar and in 63rd minute, Aldin Muradbašić shot from 28 meters distance, but the ball passed just above the goal.

Ten minutes later, Alden Škrijelj got a great chance. He passed to the left side of the field, entered the penalty area, placed the ball to the right leg and hit, but the goalkeeper Knežević was at the right place. In the 52nd minute Marko Matanovic entered the game and OFK Titograd got on its creativity and the young midfielder had a chance to score. In 76th minute Matanovic hit hard but Knezevic defended, the ball bounced back to Rakocevic who tricked the goalkeeper easily and set the final score 2:0.

In 79th minute, Marko Matanovic takes the corner out and Amir Muzurović hits the crossbar with a head shot.

Only two minutes after entering the field, in 84th minute, Balsa Adzic was in the lead, but struck a goalpost.

“Although we scored, we did not play well in the first half. After that, we improved the impression and deservedly won. “said coach Rajko Baćko Mugoša, after the match.

9th round
Trening camp OFK Titograda, Podgorica
OFK Titograd 2:0 Jedinstvo

Scorers: Lazar Rakočević 19′, 78′

Yellow cards: Slobodan Perišić (TIT), Milan Konatar (JED), Kenan Hadžibegović (JED)

Referee: Ivan Šarac, assistant referee: Miloš Janković, second assistant: Slobodan Stanković, Delegate: Petar Stojanović

OFK Titograd

Coach: Rajko Mugoša

First team: Sergej Joksimović, Alden Škrijelj, Nemanja Popović, Aldin Ćatović, Amir Muzurović (od 86′ Marko Šćepanović), Aldin Muradbašić (od 82′ Balša Adžić), Slobodan Perišić (C), Danilo Vujović, Petar Mališić (od 52′ Ognjen Gašević), Lazar Rakočević (od 85′ Blažo Šuškavčević), Matija Drinčić (od 52′ Marko Matanović).

Reserve players: Emir Spahić, Marko Matanović, Blažo Šuškavčević, Balša Adžić, Marko Šćepanović, Ognjen Gašević.


Coach: Sead Babaca

First team: Igor Knežević, Kenan Hadžibegović, Aldin Klapija (od 78′ Mihailo Knežević-Gojačanin), Đorđe Cvijović, Mladen Šutović (c), Milan Konatar, Igor Mrdak (od 84′ Milan Janković), Nikola Nedović (od 86′ Nikola Ćinćur), Stefan Božović, Bogdan Korać (od 66′ Demir Kanalić), Todor Šekularac (od 76′ Alen Redžepagić).

Reserve players: Mihailo Knežević-Gojačanin, Milan Janković, Nikola Ćinćur, Demir Kanalić, Alen Redžepagić