OFK Titograd





OFK Titograd player played a draw match with Grbelj 2:2 in the 32nd round of Telekom 1.CFL.

The select players of Peter Pakult did not play the first half at their best, so the guests led 0:2. However, in the second half we saw a totally different, more serious, more aggressive approach of OFK Titograd, who managed to equalize by the end of the match.

The first goal was scored by Marko Milickovic in 79 ‘, while in the last moments of this very good match, in the 89’ Vojin Pavlovic scored an equal goal and set the final 2:2.

“We played completely two different halves and we must be satisfied with one point after all. The team showed character and because of that we were awarded in the final minutes of the match, “Pavlovic told for “Dan “.

When the journalist asked him with what kind of expectations, they are visiting Sutjeska, Pavlovic pointed out that, as always, he and his teammates will go for a victory.

“If we play as we did in the second half against Grbalj, then, I believe that, at least for one round, we will postpone the championship celebration for Sutjeska. This is very tough league where nuances make difference. We have very difficult task before us, but we firmly believe we can fulfil it. “explained Pavlovic.

Do you believe that Titograd will perform in Europe?

“This was our main goal at the beginning of the season. Today, it is possible for us to fight for the Europe League and I believe that we will achieve it. “Pavlovic said.

OFK Titograd will be visiting Sutjeska in the 33rd round of Telekom 1.CFL.