OFK Titograd





OFK Titograd’s team brought a victory over Sutjeska in Nikšić, with a score 1-2. In 14th minute, Mamadu Mandy scored for 0-1, but in 33rd minute Božo Marković scored a goal for Sutjeska.

Half-time result was a draw.

OFK Titograd’s striker Marko Pavićević shot the tie-breaking, and winning, goal in 89th min.


First goal chance was seen in first minute of the game. Merdović took a shot, but over the crossbar. Titograd responded a minute later with Marko Pavićević. Petrović contributed with a nice assist, however the ball ended out-of-bounds.

In 14th minute, after a splendid break-trough by Pavlović and more impressive pass towards the wing, Mamadu Mandy scores.

Two minutes later, Janković found Merdović who passed the ball to Marković who then proceed to shoot at the goal, although unsuccessfully. The goal was defended by Sašsa Ivanović’s great save.

In 18th minute, another play by Titograd, Pavlović created a counter attack that, after a double pass play by Mandy, didn’t go as planned.

In 25th, Roganović made a critical mistake. Merdović approached him from the back and took the ball. In his attempt to regain possession, Roganović tackled Merdović in the penalty range, and caused a penalty kick. Thanks to another great save, and poor shot by Marković, Saša Ivanović triumphed once again.

Two minutes later, former player of Titograd, Marko Ćetković, made a nice break-trough, but was unsuccessful in the finish, sending the ball out-of-bounds.

After number of attempts, Sutjeska did manage to score. The goal occurred from a corner kick action. Zakrija took a shot directly at Božo Marković, who was prosperous. The score in 33rd minute was 1-1.

In 44th, another attempt by Ćetković in pair with Marković resulted in a shot at the crossbar.


First big chance unfolded in 67th minute, after referee, Mileta Šćepanović made the call that Zoran Petrović played with his hand. Marko Vučić shot a free kick from 24m and hit the post.

In 69th, a questionable situation played out. After picking up the ball with his hands, goalie Giljen passed it to Ciger, who then passed it back into the hands of goalie. There was no indirect for OFK Titograd, according to the referee Šćepanović.

Zoran Petrović took a shot form the left side in 73rd, but the ball passed near the post.

Titograd continued with offensive play. Divanović took a 27m long shot in 79th, over the crossbar. In 81st minute, Petrović shot a corner kick, and Mandy almost ended the game with a header. In 83rd another shot from Petrović, with the ball passing slightly over the crossbar.

As the end was nearing, a final attack was in play. Divanović made a splendid pass to Pavićević who then ran 20m and battled Ciger and goalie Giljen, and scored the winning goal.

The score at the end was 1-2 for the visiting team (OFK Titograd)

Telecom 1.CFL 33rd round

City Stadium Nikšić 11.05.2019

Main referee: Mileta Šćepanović; Assistant referee 1: Nikola Radulović; Assistant referee 2: Dragan Vujović; Fourth referee: Aleksandar Šćekić; Referee Controller: Amil Gerina, Delegate: Dragan Kaluđerović


Coach: Jovan Gardašević

First team: Vladan Giljen (C), Bojan Ciger, Zakarija Alharaiš, Branislav Janković, Marko Ćetković, Darko Bulatović, Luka Merdović, Vladan Bubanja, Božo Marković, Miloš Vučić, Marko Vučić.

Back-up: Suad Ličina, Dragan Grivić, Milutin Osmajić, Bojan Božović, Aleksa Marušić, Stefan Stefanović.

OFK Titograd

Coach: Peter Pakult

First team: Saša Ivanović, Marko Roganović, Jovan Nikolić, Mirko Raičević (C), Balša Banović, Marko Pavićević, Mamadu Mendi, Zoran Petrović, Miloš Bakrač, Radule Živković, Vojin Pavlović.

Back-up: Sergej Joksimović, Ognjen Gašević, Ivan Novović, Branko Ojdanić, Marko Miličković, Miloš Brnović, Zaim Divanović.