OFK Titograd





On this day 2016, OFK Titograd (former “Mladost”), became Montengro’s champion.

In direct clash with one of the rivals for 1st place, Titograd has beat Budućnost 2:1. With this win, Titograd mathematically won the title of montenegrin’s championship, 2 rounds before season end. This was the first title of such significance in history of the club.

By winning the title, “the romantics” got the chance to represent Montenegro, once again (3rd time) in European competitions, first time in Champions league.

It was 31st round of 1. CFL, and Titograd played against Budućnost.

“Romantics” took the lead in 34th min with a goal from Milan Đurišić, ending the first half with 1:0.

In second half, 51st min to be exact, Momčilo Raspopović scores and evens out the result, 1:1. Zoran Kokot achieved the winning goal for Titograd in 79th minute. This goal confirmed the championship title for the season. Team led by Nikola Peco Rakojević becomes the champion after a dominating whole season, with triumph against Budućnost as icing on a cake.

Titograd became 6th soccer champion, since the declaration of independence.

Championship team: Mileta Radulović, Miloš Lakić, Ivan Novović, Miloš Radulović, Milan Đurišić, Luka Petričević, Mirko Raičević, Andjelo Rudović, Marko Šćepanović, Zoran Petrović, Ivan Vuković, Edvin Kuč, Zoran Kokot, Vuk Radović, Danilo Čelebić, Ilija Glavan, Rio Kato, Balša Boričić, Damir Kojašević.

On the other side: Damir Ljuljanović, Ivan Pejaković, Tomislav Pajović, Marko Burzanović, Radomir Đalović, Risto Radunović, Milan Vušurović, Miloš Raičković, Luka Mirković, Filip Mitrović, Momčilo Raspopović, Milisav Vuksanović, Velizar Janketić, Deni Hočko, Vule Vujačić, Ermin Seratlić, Marko Raičević, Luka Božović.

Led by coach Miodrag Vukotić.

This day will be remembered as one of greatest dates in history of our club.