OFK Titograd





OFK Titograd’S players were victorious against Mornar in 34th round 1.CFL, with the score 6:1. Scorers for Titograd were Zoran Petrović 2x, Vojin Pavlović, Marko Pavićević and Mamadu Mandy 2x. For visiting team Luka Klikovac scored the goal.


First shot was by Jovan Nikolić in 2nd minute, unsuccessful. In 4th minute Zoran Petrović took the shot, with Mandy’s assistance, but was unable to score.

First goal was in 7th minute, another great play by Zoran and Mandy, which was rewarded. The visiting team threatened3 min later, however the ball went out-of-bounds. In 14th minute Pavlović shook the net behind goalie Novović.

In 21st minute Zoran Petrović slid trough defense of Mornar, and scored the goal.

A few minutes later, the captain Ćiro Raičević showed his soccer skills and created another threat to visiting team, however Petrović was unable to make it happen in this situation.

Before the end of first half, Pavlović assisted Mandy who had a chance to score, but sent the ball out-of-bounds.

Mornar had a really good chance to score. Kalačević entered the 16m range and made a pass to his team-mate Račić, who was not precise with his shot.


Titograd continued with the attacts, and in 56th minute a wonderful play by Mandy. He assisted Pavićević, who missed the goal by shooting right beside the post. Two minutes later, with help of Raičević, Mandy was precise and score for 5:0. In 61th Mandy strikes again, making his second goal on the match.

Mornar managed to score their only goal in 75th minute of the match; Luka Klikovac manages to use the counter attack.

In 84th minute, Miloš Brnović tried to score form 24m away, nearing the goal posts, but the score remained the same.

Telecom 1. CFL 18/19 34 round

OFK Titograd’s Training Camp

Podgorica 15.05.2019 17:00h

Main referee: Milovan Milačić; Assistant referee 1: Dragan Vujović; Assistant referee 2: Vladan Todorović, Fourth referee: Dragan Mijušković; Referee controller: Amil Gerina, Delegata: Slavko Bojović.

Yellow Cards: Nikola Vujošević(MOR), Filip Kalačević(MOR).

OFK Titograd:

Coach: Peter Pakult

First team: Saša Ivanović, Marko Roganović, Jovan Nikolić, Mirko Raičević (C) (substitution 60′ Miloš Brnović), Balša Banović, Marko Pavićević, Mamadu Mendi, Zoran Petrović, Miloš Bakrač (substitution 45′ Zaim Divanović), Radule Živković (substitution 56′ Branko Ojdanić), Vojin Pavlović.

Back-up: Ivan Zlajić, Branko Ojdanić, Danilo Vukićević, Marko Miličković, Miloš Brnović, Zaim Divanović.


Coach: Igor Raičević

First team: Marko Novović, Nikola Vujošević, Velimir Vlahović, Dejan Račić, Vuk Martinović, Stevan Marković (C), Balša Bušković (substitution 36′ Luka Merdović), Predrag Brnović, Filip Kalašević, Marko Puljiz (substitution 39′ Luka Klikovac), Nino Vukmarković (substitution 45′ Đorđe Vojvodić).

Back-up: Luka Raičević, Boris Merdović, Luka Merdović, Belmin Mehović, Đorđe Vojvodić, Luka Klikovac, Kristijan Škrelja.