OFK Titograd





OFK Titograd’s players have begun their summer preparations for the upcoming season, in which they will compete in qualifications for Europe League.

This was also the first training session under new coach, and experienced soccer expert Dragoljub Đuretić, who was officially presented on the press conference.

Đuretić has pointed out that he is aware that he came in one of the best clubs in Montenegro.

“I am aware of the magnitude of the competition and this club, and thus shall be another challenge for me to take upon. The task is made difficult, as some of the players are to leave. The club’s vision is young players, who started careers among younger generations. If a few well experienced players remain with the club, we can create a good combination between generations”, said Đuretić.

Đuretić added that he has no information about who is leaving or staying in the club as of yet.

He also spoke about the club’s politics.

“It is easier to bring players, with experience, who is already formed. Creating young players is completely different story. I was always a supporter of these practices, creating players, and it is my pleasure to watch them succeed. I will try to transfer my knowledge and will to OFK Titograd. I really think this is the right way for both the players and the club” said the new coach.

About the upcoming Europe League qualifying match-ups, he had difficulty discussing, as the opponent is not yet known.

“We will know next week, if the draw will be favorable. If it proves favorable, we will work on passing the first round. We will see next week what it will be”, said Đuretić.