OFK Titograd





CSKA Sofia, OFK Titograd’s 1st qualifying round rival, is historically biggest Bulgarian club, with 31 titles of national champion.

Third star was sewed in 2005, and their last title was won in 2008. They had to step down to financially superior Ludogorec, which is the Bulgarian champion for 8-year straight.

CSKA, however, wants to return to its prime. In financially uneven rivalry, CSKA was closest last season finishing second with 5 points off.

One of the owners of the club (20%) is Bulgarian’s biggest soccer star, and club legend Hristo Stoičkov.

OFK Titograd wants to rejuvenate its team this summer, and is an outsider against CSKA.

“It wont be easy, as they have many Bulgarian representatives, as well as foreigners, from Brazilians to Portuguese”, said Titograd’s captain Mirko Raičević.

Hard draw couldn’t have been any better.

“We hoped for Radnički Niš, and a far trip to Khazakstan wouldn’t have been pleasant. CSKA is the favourite, and 3 years ago we felt the power of Ludogorec, and this is close second team” said Raičević.

Super talented Bulgarian representative, 23 year-old Kiril Despotov and Brasilian Maurides Roque Junior were top scorers for CSKA in previous season.

“There are no easy opponents, and Montenegrins are men with character and are fierce. We are facing 2 difficult matches, but I want to show our best on home pitch, making it easier in away match. Our goal is group faze, but fist step by step” said CSKA coach Dobromir Mitov, who worked with Ljupko Petrović.

CSKA got eliminated last season in 3rd qualifying round in Europe League by Copenhagen.

The fist match (9th July) will be played on stadium with 20.000 people capacity, while the rematch is played under hill Gorica 7 days later.