OFK Titograd





OFK Titograd would like to wholeheartedly thank its friends, who made the trip to Sofia easier.

We thank Montenegro tourist agency, and Montenegro Airlines, who gave us support with trip’s administrative nature.

Big thanks to Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro, that provided us with advice, and aided with registration of foreign players.

Furthermore, we owe thanks to embassy or Montenegro in Belgrade, on massive efforts in aiding us with administrative issues.

Additional help was received from embassy of Serbia and Bulgaria, located in Montenegro, making sure we embark on our trip with full team.

We owe further thanks to Ministry of Internal Affairs of Sebria and Bulgaria, as well as customs and border police, of both countries, who helped us enter and leave their borders as effortless as possible.

To Montenegrin ambassador in Bulgaria, Snežana Radović, as she spent time around, and supported our club, especially during the match.

To the host, CSKA, many thanks for welcoming us and making us feel like at home. Upon their arrival in Montenegro tomorrow, we will do the same.

Last but not least, to the CSKA supporters who welcomed our players on the start of the match in Sofia.

OFK Titograd