OFK Titograd





OFK Titograd’s players have played their second match in Europe League qualifications. Unfortunately, they have dropped out from the race to Europe. A well-played game in first half (in Sofia) was not monetized with goals, which led to worse-off position in the rematch. Starting with 4 goals advantage, CSKA maintained its advantage in the rematch and have proceeded to second round.

Radomir Đalović, who battled with former Bulgarian nationalist Nikolai Bodurov on the same pitch 9 years prior, had a chance to shake up CSKA’s net in 17th min, on Mandy’s assistance. Like in the match 9 years ago, he was unsuccessful.

Another big shot came from Vojin Pavlović in 32min, which was repealed by CSKA goalie.

In the second half, cheered on by Dobrimir Mitov, Ljupko Petrović and Dimitar Penev, and about 500 cheerers from Bulgaria, CSKA have shown some nice plays, however no goals were scored.

Irish Graham tried his luck, but Saša Ivanović defended the goal. Evandro da Silva had a chance in 63rd minute, but unsuccessful.

The game came to an end in slow motion, with the score 0:0.

CSKA will play against Osijek in second qualifying round of Europa League, while Titograd will focus on domestic championship.


Podgorica, Stadion under Gorica

Audience 1.500

Referee: Vasilis Dimitru

OFK Titograd: 

Ivanović, Roganović, Ađana-Činedu, Banović, Živković (65, Miličković), Nikolić, Raičević (74. Brnović), Pavlović, Novović, Mendi (86, Gašević), Đalović.

CSKA Sofija: 

Česnauskas, Bikel, Galabov, Bodurov, Žeferson, Antov (67. Pinto), Malinov, Keri (82. Sove), Fabrini (60. Mitkov), Da Silva, Vat.