OFK Titograd





OFK Titograd’s cadets beat Jezero today with a score of 5:3. Milos Rasovic’s players remained undefeated in the sixth round, with 16 out of a possible 18 points.

The match didn’t start well for the “romantics”. In 16th minute Jezero scored two goals, by Muamer Lukac in 6th and Miodrag Djukic in 16th.

However, with the good leadership of Coach Rasovic and the decline in guest concentration, OFK Titograd’s cadets managed to consolidate the ranks and turn the score to 3:2.

Sava Milic scored in the 33rd minute from the penalty spot.

In 37th, Andrej Minić scored the equalizer.

In the second half, it took Titograd 15 minutes to make the turn. In the 60th minute, right-back Luka Smolovic scored.

Still, the guests did not surrender. Eight minutes later, they reached the equalizer, through reservist Sead Muzurovic 3:3.

It seemed that there was a lack of energy for Milos Rasovic’s players, however, that was not the case.

Rasovic made changes, refreshed the player’s staff and raised the team to attack in the finish and get results.

Dino Djukic scored the goal for 4:3 in the 76th minute, a great shot that put Titograd in a new lead.

Igor Radevic set the final 5:4 in the 85th minute of the match.

OFK Titograd’s cadets showed character and when it was very difficult they were able to come up with a good result.


6. kolo,Trening kamp OFK Titograd, Podgorica

07.09.2019., 11:00h,

Broj gledalaca: 30

Main referee: Branko Odalović, assistant 1: Dušan Pajović, assistant 2: Danilo Pejović, Delegate: Dragan Gorović


First team: Ivan Zlajić(G), Boško Ljumović(C), Sava Milić(od 82′ Luka Lakušić), Luka Mihaljević(od 60′ Dino Đukić), Jovan Vujisić, Pavle Đurović(od 60′ Damir Adrović), Jovan Kljajević(od 82′ Miloš Ljutica), Luka Smolović(od 82′ Aleksa Ivanović), Andrej Minić, Marko Lubarda(od 73′ Igor Radević), Rade Đaković.

Back-up: Demir Adrović(G), Igor Radević, Luka Lakušić, Miloš Ljutica, Damir Adrović, Aleksa Ivanović.


First team: Šaban Kolić(G), Damir Šećerović(od 58′ Sead Muzurović), Stefan Cvijović, Dajlan Banda(od 80′ Danis Numanović), Vidoje Sredojević, Muamer Lukač(od 80′ Vasilj Veličković), Miodrag Đukić, Bogdan Nikolić(od 58′ Muamer Kojić), Aleksandar Mrdak(od 80′ Damir Sijarić), Senid Vucetoviq(od 73′ Pavle Sekulić), Mihailo Nedić(C).

Back-up: Radule Sekulić(G), Sead Muzurović, Danis Numanović, Muamer Kojić, Vasilj Veličković, Pavle Sekulić, Demir Sijarić.