OFK Titograd





From the very start of today’s Cup semi-finals against Buducnost, the “Romantics” have been out of luck. In the 3 ′ minute they received the first goal and the scorer was former player of Titograd, Viktor Roganovic. Immediately, the situation was much more difficult for the team of Milos Rasovic. Although they are in good form with five tied wins without a goal scored, today they played against Buducnost, who caused them the worst defeat in this season, and the players had every reason to be wary.

In the middle of the first half, due to a knee injury, the striker, Ilija Zivanovic left the game. Jovan Kljajevic replaced him.

In the final part of the first half, Titograd stepped up the rhythm, took the initiative, but by the end of the first 45 minutes, they have failed to equalize.

The second half was a fresh start for the “Romantics”. Titograd attacked harder and quickly reached to 1:1. Sava Milic scored in 57 ′ minute.

They had the initiative, ball possession, better play than the rival, and they were just about to make a turnaround, when a misfortune happened. Bosko Ljumovic got second yellow card, so Titograd continued with the player less.

Shortly after that, Buducnost knew how to use that advantage and in the 68 ′, Balsa Toskovic scored for the result of 1:2. Balsa Globarevic increased to 1:3 in the 77 ‘of the match.

Nervousness, disappointment and sadness overwhelmed the players and more than two hundred fans. It seemed as if everything was finished for them.

The judge gave two minutes of compensation, and the hope for Titograd almost vanished. Then the reserve player, Marko Lubarda, centered from the distance of 35 meters and hit the head of Jovan Kljajevic, who scored an excellent goal for 2:3.

The coach, Rasovic shouted, “Guys, another 30 seconds. Everyone, go forward!” Immediately after that, they got the opportunity. Ljutica kicked, the ball hit one player in blue-white jersey. The referee awarded the free kick from 18 meters distance. Vujisic wanted to kick, but the coach chose Milic. Vujisic accepted the coach’s decision, turned to Milic and supported him.

Sava Milic and last chance for a goal.

A wise shot placed the ball into the corner angle of goalkeeper’s net. (Goalkeeper Babovic – former player of OFK Titograd). A hit for an eruption of delight at OFK Titograd’s bench.

End of the match and penalties.

It was 4:2 in penalties. Goalkeeper Ivan Zlajic defended the first two kicks and immediately put Titograd in lead, which Vujisic, Lubarda, Kljajevic and Ljutica knew how to use and led their team to victory.

Titograd reached the finals of the UKC Cup and remained undefeated in the sixth consecutive match.

A victory worth mentioning. A victory that showed Milos Rasovic’s players have big hearts and that, above all, they play as a team.

Thank you guys! You are true “Romantics”!