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The greatest football experts would not be able to succeed without their assistants. Jirgen Klop has always praised Zeljko Buvac, Carlo Ancelotti had Zinedine Zidan, and Pep Guardiola’s assistant was Tito Viljanov.
All clubs that have big ambitions always want to be like the greatest. They always look up to the most successful clubs, and one of them is “Red Star”. In recent years, “Red Star” has pushed the boundaries in modern football. Since the engagement of the coach, Vladan Milojevic, “Red Star” has played the group stage of the Champions League twice, and once the group stage of the Europa League and has already qualified for the “spring in Europe”.
Vladan Milojevic could not do it alone. He had a top strategist, a man who lives and breathes football. An expert who is considered as one of the best football analysts in Serbia – Vladimir Jankovic.
Jankovic came to Podgorica, at the invitation of the President of OFK Titograd, Mr. Vladan Vujovic, and his arrival has an educational purpose. He has been on the OFK Titograd’s camp since Sunday, spending time with players, coaches, club employees and spreading his football philosophy through constructive conversations.
We talked with Jankovic about his impressions of the club from Stari Aerodrom, Montenegrin football, and we also talked about his football career.
“I arrived on Sunday. The first team had no training at that moment, so it was only yesterday that I got activated. Yesterday, I talked to the coaches, players, and here I am today as well. I was invited by the President, Mr. Vladan Vujovic, who emphasized his desire that I should share my experiences with the players, coaches and people at the club,” Jankovic explained at the beginning of the interview.
“I am glad that things are moving, that the club has the rhythm and direction in which it is going and that high goals have been set. I find that setting high goals is very important for both the players individually and for the club. It is very important for the club to set standards, to know in which direction it is moving, to properly invest at the right time and to provide a football environment and suitable conditions for a quality work. What I first felt when I came to OFK Titograd is that there is a strong motivation and desire between all the employees in the club. Above all from the president who gives all the initiative,” Jankovic said, adding:
“President Vujovic is a very ambitious man, who is convinced that he will one day make the club as he desires, and to tell you the truth, I believe he can succeed in that. I think the club has everything that it needs to go towards that goal. ”
For eight full years, Jankovic collaborated with Vladan Milojevic. In Cukarica, Omonia, Pannionis and Red Star. This is a topic we couldn’t get past, a theme that will best present the experience that adorns our guest.
“Before Red Star, I worked with Cukaricka. This team won the only trophy in the history of the club – the Serbian Cup. Then I went to Omonia, which lost its primacy in Cyprus from Apoel, but this club achieved good results and played the qualifications for the Europa League and the Cup finals. From Cyprus I went to Greece to Panionis, a beautiful, historic club, which at that moment showed no signs for achieving great results. Again, with hard work, positive attitudes, which I recognize here in Titograd, we stayed in second position in the league for 15 rounds, even though Panionis had numerous problems at the time,” Jankovic explained and continued:
“Finally, we qualified in the Europa League playoffs and qualifications. That season, Panionis won over Olympiakos in a visiting match, after 36 years. A success delighted the fans, who welcomed us in the middle of the night outside the stadium. Being competitive with Olympiakos, PAOK, Panathinaikos and AEK puts you between high-class clubs. These results were a recommendation for the Red Star administration. ”
The story with the Red Star and the success we achieved is well known. It’s something that all true football fans admire, something we all strive for.
“There were many beautiful moments in those eight years. We did a remarkable job at Red Star, we achieved two titles and paved the way for the third, we played the group stage of the Europa League, and in the same season we achieved a “spring in Europe” and we were very close to pass CSKA in the knockout round. We then re-entered the Champions League, and that was unbelievable to anyone. So generally, with hard work, dedication, seriousness, with good energy and synergy in all the clubs I have worked for, we made good results and gained a great experience in winning. I have learnt everything that can disrupt some plans, but I also collected knowledge for the distant future. ”
With Mr.Jankovic, who delighted us with his charisma, eloquence and football knowledge, we also talked about Montenegrin football. Asked if he was following developments in Montenegrin football, he replied: “I follow, of course. Arena sport TV channel broadcasted first league matches in the previous year. I always keep track of the results, the events. Montenegro and Serbia were together in qualifications for the European Championships, so I was up to date. Montenegro and Serbia are naturally oriented towards each other, so it is very easy to keep up with the current situation in both countries. Until I arrived, I had no idea and no personal sense about the environment itself. I only had data, statistics that show what is the coefficient of the Montenegrin league in Europe. According to the UEFA coefficient, it seems to be quite low, but in my opinion, this is not where Montenegrin football should be.”
As he says, Montenegrin football has predispositions for much more than it really shows.
“You have one top genetic potential. Montenegro has big football names, people in Montenegro love football. Football is the number one sport. Both representative and club football deserve a much better place in Europe, and I think Montenegro has the people and the genetics to put it all on the right track and to implement the right programs, and I believe that this will all come true one day. I think it is very important that people who are seriously engaged in football in Montenegro, like President Vujovic , create one base, have a vision and have the desire to be a leader in the club football. They will be a shining example to the other clubs in the way they organize and function, in player development, in the formation of club academies, in animating young players to practice football, in developing coaches and in developing all kinds of workers who need to support football, and of course, what is a fact and inevitability is that you need to have top experts, ” explains Janković.
In conclusion, Jankovic points out: “People are the most valuable capital of football. They do not have to be football people; it is enough to be football-loving people and be experts in the part of the work that modern football requires.”
Jankovic will stay in Podgorica until Thursday.