OFK Titograd





The players of OFK Titograd are visiting Zeta today at 1 pm, in the fourth friendly match within preparation for the spring part of the Telekom First Montenegrin League. So far, the “Romantics” have one win, one lost and a tie in the last three matches.
In the first match Titograd and Podgorica played 1:1. Alden Škrijelj scored for Titograd, while on the other hand, Vojinović pointed for the opposite team.
In the next match, visiting Decic, Titograd was outplayed. The winning goal was given by Ivan Knezevic, the former player of the “Romantics”.
The third match was also the best for Titograd, but against the weakest rival. Drezga was a guest at the Stari Aerodrom, and Zoran Govedarica’s players younger players triumphed 3-0. The scorers were: Milickovic, Brnovic and Gluscevic.
Today’s match against Zeta will also be a real test in the preparation period, as it is a first-league squad that has ambitions to play qualifications for the Europa League.