OFK Titograd





OFK Titograd is currently in the strongest rhythm when it comes to preparing for the spring part of the championship. Zoran Govedarica’s players have played five friendly matches so far, achieving two wins, two draws and one defeat.

One of the most constant in the autumn part of the championship and in preparation for the spring part, was Balša Banović. The young defender is the backbone and the strongest pillar of Titograd’s defence. He says preparations are going as planned.
“The preparations are going well. We have gone through the hard part in terms of running and fitness, now we are focused on tactics and other finesse and we are ready to welcome the championship,” Banovic said at the beginning of the interview.
The ambition is to raise the level of play and set standards based on continuity.
“I wouldn’t talk about ambitions like the Europa League. Of course, we want it to happen, but in order to do that, we need to go step by step to reach that goal. We need to raise the game to a higher level comparing the first part of the championship. We need to be firmer in all parts of the game and more effective in attacking. Our advantage and what I consider to be the foundation for our progress, is the atmosphere, which is great. We all work hard and train well and we did that during the fall championships, and continued in these preparations. All that effort will surely pay off,” Banovic said.
Titograd is sixth in the championship, with 10 points behind the third-placed Iskra, which is their next opponent. The match is scheduled for February 18th within the 20th round of Telecom 1.CFL,