OFK Titograd



IVANOVIĆ TALKS ABOUT THE REST OF THE SEASON: “We are ready, it will be difficult, but I know we can!”


OFK Titograd’s football players have finished their preparations. Now comes the easier part for the players, and more difficult for the coach, Govedarica. First match will be played on February 17th at the new stadium “Braće Velašević”, which will officially be opened with this match against OFK Titograd and Iskra.
OFK Titograd’s goalkeeper Sasa Ivanovic said he was pleased with the preparations.
“It’s been a month since the start of the preparations,” Ivanovic recalled, and continued: “We have worked hard and well and we are physically ready for what awaits us in the upcoming part of the championship.”
“As for the team, I hope for a good game and better results. With some younger players who have shown that we can count on them, and with a few more experienced ones, we have good chance for the future,” Ivanovic added.
The first opponent is Iskra and it will be a very demanding match. Ivanovic is aware of that.
“Iskra played great, a great mix of young and experienced players and it will be very difficult opponent. If we succeed, it will be a good psychological moment for us,” Ivanovic explained.
At the end of the conversation, he said: “Our goal remains the same, and that is to go to Europe.”