OFK Titograd



U-14: Kom arrives at Stari Aerodrom 


OFK Titograd’s U-14 team continue the championship for the age 2006 from the first position, and at the start of the second part in the 12th round of the championship they are hosts for Kom. The match is scheduled for Saturday at 10 a.m. and will be played at OFK Titograd’s Auxiliary Ground.

Titograd is the first with 31 points from 11 rounds, in which the team achieved 10 wins and one draw. The league’s top scorer is the “Romantic’s” striker Andrija Skrobanovic with 22 goals scored.

Second position holds Stari aerodrom with 29 points. Mladost Donja Gorica is third with 24, Danilovgrad forth with 22, Kom fifth with 19 points and the next rival of Titograd, Budućnost is in the sixth position with 18 points.