OFK Titograd



U-15: City derby at the start of the spring championship


OFK Titograd’s U-15 team will return to the green carpet on Sunday at 6pm when they will host Buducnost at the Stari Aerodrom stadium in the 12th round of the U-15 League. The guys led by the coaching duo, Scepanovic and Jovanovic, share the first place in the league with Podgorica and Buducnost with 27 points.

“Our goal is to develop a good game with young players. We are dedicated to that, and our ambitions are to win the title. We give the priority to the players and the game, not the results. Of course, we are aware of our potential, and we believe in winning the title,” said Scepanovic.

The league’s top scorer is the offensive midfielder Hamo Bicic with the 21st goal. They will try to continue at a winning pace tomorrow.