OFK Titograd



U-17 city derby: Titograd visiting Budućnost 


OFK Titograd’s U-17 team is visiting Buducnost on Sunday in the second round of the U-17 league. In the first round Titograd played a draw with Sutjeska (1:1). On Wednesday, the team was defeated by Podgorica in the final of the Central Region Cup with a score of 3: 0. So a positive result in the derby would mean at least a little bit better start for OFK Titograd.

This match will be very interesting because both teams are always trying to maximize and impose their style of play and of course to overplay the opponent. Thus, “blue and whites” caused Titograd the worst defeat of the season, but Titograd also returned in the semi-finals of the Central Region Cup when they turned the losing result of 1: 3 and in the last two minutes of the match, equalized. After that they reached the finals with penalties.