OFK Titograd





OFK Titograd’s U-15 team defeated Kom in the 12th round of the U-15 League (age 2005) with the result of 3:1.

Although Kom was the first to lead, Titograd was the more dominant team. The guests led in 29 ′ minute by a goal of Matija Musić. It was 1:0 at the halftime.

At the beginning of the second half, both teams felt a fighting spirit. Titograd equalized with a goal of Marko Tadic in the 46 ‘minute. Only two minutes later the same player scored a new goal for a complete turnover of the young “Romantics”.

There was no reaction from the players of Kom. And another great attack of Titograd followed. After that the host completely destroyed the guest. At 58 ′ during the Kom’s attack, Hamo Bicic, a Titograd midfielder, received the ball on his own half, freed himself from the guards and found a striker Andrija Skrobanovic with a phenomenal long pass.

The popular “Zeco” ran out in front of the goalkeeper and set the final 3:1 with a brilliant shot.

OFK Titograd’s U-15 team continued their march to the trophy.