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INTERVIEW – OGNJEN GAŠEVIĆ: Thank you all for your support, I will do my best to repay!


The great hope of OFK Titograd, Ognjen Gasevic, turned eighteen on April 2, and we are publishing his birthday interview today due to minor technical problems.

Gasevic is a child of OFK Titograd. He has passed all the selections of the club, and today he is in the first team and a player to be seriously counted on. The OFK Titograd offensive lineman made his senior team debut on April 14, 2018 and has made 28 appearances so far with two goals scored.

Now that you are an adult, when you will be expected to do so much more in your private life as well as in the football. Do you feel the burden of responsibility when it comes to football?

It is certain that the responsibility will be greater, but it will not create a burden for me, I will continue to enjoy football and do my best, which is the most important thing in my opinion – to give my maximum in everything I do, whether it is football or something else.

What are your plans and ambitions and what is your birthday wish?

– I want to play for some big club. My professional ambitions are about football at the highest level. I plan to provide good games in the First Montenegrin League and contribute to the club and teammates.

You have gained quite a good experience so far playing for OFK Titograd, you have passed all the selections, as a 16-year-old you made your debut for the first team, scored two goals, and as of this season you are the first team player. How do you feel about the trust the couch has shown to you?

– Of course, I feel great about his trust. I believe that I am also speaking on behalf of all young players who have much more room to prove themselves and to progress since the winter transitional period. We are not treated differently than the older players, we are shown the same respect and trust as they are, and this is an additional confidence for young players, and exactly what we need in these moments.

How do you spend time in this situation, when we all have to stay home?

–I try to work on myself as much as possible at home. According to the recommendations of the professional staff, I train daily, try to keep in shape, and spend the rest of the day watching some good movie or series.

What is your message to the people at the club, coaches and teammates?

“First, I would like to say something about corona virus pandemic. Let’s stay home, because that’s just how all this will go, and that’s how we’ll get back on the field fast. The second message would be: Thank you all for your support, I will do my best to repay!