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National Coordinating Body (NCB): Trainings from Wednesday, competitions in June


Minister of Sports, Nikola Janović, confirmed the decision of NCB that trainings in individual and collective sports will start on Wednesday.

Detailed instructions on the conditions will be available on Tuesday on the websites of the Ministry of Sports, the Institute of Public Health and the NCB.

“From Wednesday to May 18, individual trainings will be allowed, without a duel and contact, with rigorous measures when it comes to hygiene. “There cannot be more than eight to ten athletes on one field, and a total of no more than 12 people, including coaches, while respecting the social distance of at least two meters,” Janovic said.

The plan is for the collective trainings to start in the second phase, from May 18, while the third phase is the beginning of the competition, from June 1, without the presence of the audience.

The decision applies to all sports and all age categories of athletes.