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Competitions organized by the Football Association of Montenegro – Telecom 1. CFL, Second League, U-19, U-17, Women’s and Futsal League – in accordance with the decisions of the National Coordination Body for Combating Infectious Diseases and the dynamics of normalization of sports activities will continue on June 1, 2020.

Taking into account the decisions of the National Coordinating Body and the instructions of the European Football Federation (UEFA), the Football Association has prepared a competition calendar for the rest of the competition season in the Telecom 1. CFL and the Second League of Montenegro. According to the proposed calendar, the continuation of the season is scheduled for June 1, while the end of the regular part of the season (36th round) in Telekom 1. CFL and the Second League would be on July 19. In that way, FAM would timely submit to UEFA the participants in the qualifications for the Champions League and the Europa League. If UEFA extends the deadline for submitting representatives in the qualifications for European club competitions, the Football Association will revise the competition calendar in order to provide a longer break between the two championship rounds. Playing the semi-final and final matches of the Cup Montenegro depends on the date for the registration of clubs for participation in European competitions providing there is a date for playing matches and the semi-finalists are not the participants in the barrage to fill the Telecom 1. CFL.

On this occasion, the Football Association emphasizes that the competitions organized by our association will be continued providing there is no change in the dynamics of normalization of sports activities and if it is in accordance with the decisions and measures of the National Coordination Body.

Competitions in the U-19 and U-17 Leagues will continue, according to the calendar that will be determined later. Clubs will be required to organize junior competition matches on natural grass pitches in the afternoon / evening, preferably under the spotlight. Exceptionally, matches with competitions of younger categories can be played on courts with an artificial surface in the evening and with the adequately lighted field.

The FAM’s plan for the Financial Assistance, with the aim of helping the clubs to get back to normal functioning was presented to the representatives of the clubs of Telekom 1. CFL and the Second League of Montenegro. The Football Association will provide financial assistance to all clubs in order to complete the current season normally and FAM will also provide additional funds to help for the next two competition seasons.

Meetings with the representatives of the clubs of the Women’s League and the Futsal League of Montenegro will be held on Thursday, May 7, after which the dates of the continuation of these two competitions will be known.

The Football Association of Montenegro once again reminded the representatives of the clubs of Telekom 1. CFL and the Second League of the obligation to comply with the Provisional Guidelines for the normalization of sports activities during the implementation of the training process. At the same time, the Federation would like to take this opportunity to thank all clubs, players, referees and officials for their responsible behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Federation will inform the public in due time about the dates of the remaining matches in Telekom 1. CFL and the Second League, about all decisions of the competent bodies and commissions, as well as about all recommendations and guidelines issued by FIFA and UEFA.