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Miljenovic: We Will Bring Reinforcement and Give Young Boys a Chance

FC Titograd players have started preparations for the following season today. Aside from the domestic competitions, the team will also participate in the EL qualifications. “We shall be heading for Zlatibor on 23rd June, and we’ll stay there until 5th July. We have three games planned for this period – likely opponents are the FC […]

FC Titograd in the draw of the 1st round of the EL draw

FC Titograd players – under the old name, after 28 years – have begun the preparations for the European competition. Aside from the new name and the new emblem, another novelty is the captain, Mirko Raicevic, who is obviously far from ending his career – he will play in the matches of the 1st round […]

FC Titograd Presents New Emblem

Ana Pajovic sent in the winning design. We are very pleased to inform all of our supporters that FC Titograd has adopted a new emblem. The winning design has been sent in by Ana Pajovic, receiving a 500 euros award. The decision has been made by the Board of Directors, in collaboration with the FC […]

Mladost Juniors Won the Cup

FC Mladost has taken the Montenegrin Cup in the juniors’ category and slipped into history. This was the last competition in which the Stari aerodrom club has taken place under the name FC Mladost. As all of the fans know, the old name Titograd has been restored. The Podgorica boys have beaten Petrovac in the […]

Starting with the Next Season FC Mladost Will Be FC Titograd Once Again

FC Mladost will take part at the draw of the League of Montenegro tomorrow, in the organisation of the Football Association of Montenegro, under the new/old name FC Titograd. The club will compete under this name in all of the following competitions, the board has stated. The club was founded in 1951 and has carried […]