OFK Titograd


Coaching staff

Zoran Govedarica

Head coach


Zoran Govedarica 

Zoran Govedarica was born on April 14, 1968 in Novi Sad, Serbia. The current head of the professional staff of OFK Titograd, started his football career in Radnički from Sutjeska in 1978., and was considered as one of the most promising players on the football fields of Serbia. He also played for Novi Sad, AIK, Cement, ČSK. He ended his playing career in 2009. in Novi Sad.

He started his coaching career five years later with “Proleter” form Novi Sad. In his career, he led Dolina, Indjija, Proleter, Novi Sad, Donji Srem, Kolubara, Sloga Petrovac na Mlavi, Novi Pazar, Backa Palanka. After the last episode in Proleter from Novi Sad, in January 2018, he came to Montenegro and started coaching “Grbalj”.

He achieved excellent results with “Grbalj”, winning a place that leads to the qualifications for the Europa League. That recommended him to Buducnost and he started coaching that team in the summer of the same year. In January 2019, he returned to Bačka Palanka, where he spent only half a year. After that he returned to Montenegrin football in November 2019, when he took over OFK Titograd.

Playing career:

FC Radnički Sutjeska: 1978-1987

FC Novi Sad: 1987-1992, 2007-2009

FC AIK: 1992-1993

FC Cement: 1993-2005 

FC ČSK: 2005-2007 

Coaching career:

FC Novi Sad: 2009-2011

Proleter Novi Sad: 2011, 2014-2015, 2016, 2017, 

Inđija: 2011-2013

Dolina Padina: 2013-2014

Donji Srem: 2015

Kolubara: 2015

Sloga Petrovac na Mlavi: 2016

Novi Pazar: 2016

Bačka Palanka: 2016-2017, 2019

Grbalj: 2018

Budućnost 2018

OFK Titograd: 2019-2020

Individual awards:

*In 2012, he was named as the most promising coach in Serbia based on the assessments and opinions of coaches and members of the expert council of the Football Federation of Serbia.

* He was repeatedly named as the best player in the league, and in 1994 he was proclaimed as the best player in Serbia in the first league competition.

* Record holder in the number of matches played in the federal competition rank.